Security Alarms

A security alarm is the first and most important form of protection for you and your property.

We offer exterior/interior perimeter, motion and smoke detection to ensure you are protected to the highest level. Most of the devices we incorporate today are pet friendly with anti masking/tamper proof redundancies incorporated in the devices to eliminate false alarms or damage.

Using the latest systems, you can remotely access your alarm system. Arm or disarm your alarm at the touch of a button, or open the gate/garage to allow access when you’re not there.

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Prewiring is an easy way to hardwire an alarm system exactly where you want it. Whether it’s a new build or your renovating, our security consultant will advise on the ideal locations with you, then our licensed security technicians will run the cabling, ideally once the electrician has completed his cabling and just before the insulation goes in. Security cable is much more fragile than most other cables so this needs to be strategically run to avoid electrical interference and damage.

New Installs

Have a property with no current alarm system? Not a problem! We use state of the art alarm brands such as Paradox that can cater for any property. Paradox’s wireless technology has made it easy to install reliable two-way communication devices when we can’t get cables in.


Has your old alarm started to have a mind of its own, buttons stopped working or have you upgraded your network to digital and can’t use traditional communication methods such as a landline anymore? We will upgrade your old system, keeping the existing cabling and if required adding new devices with the latest Paradox systems. Paradox’s IP150 internet module allows for digital communication via your smart phone or to a 24/7 back to base monitoring station. We also have GPRS cellular modules that can be monitored if you have no modem onsite.

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Although we choose to install Paradox alarms, we can service most brands such as DSC, Bosch and Micron. Alarms 15 year and older, generally need to be upgraded, as even after a service, they can fall over. An annual service by our licenced technicians includes, cleaning sensors, checking cables, replacing wireless batteries or the backup battery and a full functional test.

Additional programming of an alarm will require the installer code for us to access the system. This can usually be obtained by your installer. If you don’t have or know your installer code, then we can usually default the alarm system and reprogram it. If it is “locked” then we won’t be able to do this.

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CCTV is now a cost-effective way to protect you and your assets when you’re not there! Using high quality brands such as Hikvision and Trendnet, IP cameras today are full HD and can be remotely accessed via apps on your smart phones or computers for remote viewing.

Recorders are available in 4/8/16/32 channels, so we can provide video protection for any environment.


Prewiring is an easy way to install CCTV cameras exactly where you want them. Whether it’s a new build or your renovating, our security consultant will advise on the ideal locations with you, then our licensed security technicians will run the cabling. One the build is complete, we will return and fit off the Cameras, program, test and provide full user training.

New Installs

Most IP based CCTV systems only require one cable to run from the camera back to the NVR (Network Video Recorder). We will assess the ideal locations to install cameras based on your requirements. Wireless IP cameras are also available, but at a bit more of a cost.

Talk to one of our security consultants today to arrange a free no obligation CCTV assessment for your property.

Monitoring/Communication options

As the communication world is changing to digital from analogue, most of the older alarms that communicated to you or a monitoring station via the copper landline are becoming obsolete.

Some older alarms can use the new digital or cellular networks, but most are required to be upgraded to allow protection of your assets to continue.

Digital connections

As we move away from traditional landlines, one of the most popular ways to have your alarm communicate to you is via an IP module. Paradox’s IP150 module allows to self-monitor via your smartphone and receive email notifications and/or communicate to a monitoring station via your network. Some older alarms can be monitored only using the

IP150 via your network, but you will require the latest Paradox system for remote access technology.

Talk to us today to find out if a digital connection is right for you.

GPRS/GSM connections

GPRS modules use the cellular network to communicate to a monitoring station. They can use single or dual sim card (Spark/Vodafone) and communicate every 4 hours, 1 hour or 120seconds to a monitoring station. Ideal if digital isn’t convenient or even as a backup if your digital connection fails. GPRS modules run off the backup power supply of the alarm, so even if you have a power cut, GPRS will still communicate.

GSM modules such as the GPRS260 from Paradox is generally used for a SIM based self-monitoring communication device. All you need is to supply a SIM card and our licenced technicians will install and program up to 16 numbers the GSM module can send instant text notifications to. You can even text to arm/disarm the alarm system.

Talk to us today to find out if a GPRS connection is right for you.

Traditional connections

While it’s a losing battle for traditional copper phone connections, they are still very reliable. Any alarm with a contact ID output can be monitored or setup to call you directly if the alarm activates. If you have removed your landline, then you may want to have a look at our IP or GPRS communication options.

Access Control

Commercial access controls systems are crucial for staff and security management.

We use the latest Paradox EVOHD system to offer up to 32 access controlled doors, 999 users, 192 zones and up to 8 separate partitions. If it’s 200sqm or 5000sqm, the EVOHD can accommodate your requirements.

The NeWare end user software and pin/swipe readers allow management to control and manage staff access levels, contractors or temp staff’s movements, restricting them to where they only need to be.

We can install new or upgrade older access control systems.


Intercoms are a convenient method of identifying who is at your gate or door.

The systems we use are of the highest quality. As intercoms are generally outside, we use marine proof outdoor keypads and locks to ensure longevity. Cheaper devices will eventually rust or deteriorate much quicker and will need to be replaced sooner.

The Panasonic intercom system has two way audio communication, hardwired full colour screen, wireless monitor for convenience and gate release options if you have an electric lock. Presco outdoor keypads and Assa Abloy electric locks are our preferred brands. We can upgrade old intercoms or install a new system. Our licenced security consultant will provide a detailed assessment of what is required to install your new intercom unit.

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